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Chambersburg, PA Home Security Systems -- Professional Installation With ADT Monitoring

Since no two Chambersburg homes are alike, why accept a security system that’s a standard solution? You might be looking for a basic alarm system that comes with door, motion, and windows sensors in your essential rooms. Or, you might need a more robust security solution that includes indoor and outdoor video cameras, flood and fire detection, and home automation capabilities. Whichever the case might be, your Chambersburg security system is better when it includes a 24/7 monitoring system, like ADT monitoring.

Selecting The Best Security System Features For Your Chambersburg Home Security System

Depending on your security coverage, you can opt for:

  • Window and door detectors on all entry doors and windows
  • Motion detectors for essential rooms
  • Monitored CO, fire, and flood detectors
  • Wireless remote keyfob for arming your system
  • Digital wall mounted keypad equipped with an incredibly loud alarm
  • Indoor, outdoor, and doorbell security cameras
  • ADT Control phone app for remote access
Chambersburg security systems

Chambersburg Security Cameras Let You Keep An Eye On Everything When You Are On the Go

Both outdoor and indoor security cameras in Chambersburg will help provide more peace of mind. If there is a loud noise in your backyard or a suspicious motion, you can see your video feed to view what’s going on. A doorbell camera can warn you about people on your front step so you can see who they are as well as if a package was dropped off. Want to see how well the kids and pets are handling being at home? Interior cameras with wide angles help you keep in the loop of kids’ activities.

With ADT Control, view real-time video from your Chambersburg security cameras. You can even get an alert if your camera’s motion sensor went off so you can check on things at home.

Complete Your Security System with Fire, CO, and Flood Monitoring

Intrusions aren’t the only event you should be ready for. ADT-monitored smoke and fire detectors in your Chambersburg house can help protect your family when there’s smoke and the temperature is rising.

Normal smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can warn your family when there is CO or smoke present. On the other hand, a monitored smoke alarm or CO detector notifies an ADT monitoring center if it’s activated - whether someone is home or not. The monitoring station can then alert the right authorities depending on your family’s plan-of-action. Flood sensors are good additions if you have a concern about potential leaks.

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A Complete Home Security System In Chambersburg Includes ADT Monitoring

When your alarm system comes with ADT monitoring in Chambersburg, you can be confident that it is aided by a trusted security company in the US. If your ADT-monitored home alarm is triggered, one of ADT’s six monitoring centers will be instructed to quickly contact the necessary emergency departments. So whether you’re at work, away, or at home, feel confident that your house is being monitored to help keep you and your loved ones safe and secure.

The ADT Control App Makes It Easy To Control Your Chambersburg Alarm System

Each package comes with a centralized command keypad to run your system. But you can have even more control with the ADT Control app. Activate or deactivate your security system, receive security alerts, and view live video directly from your security camera -- whether you’re at work or at home. The ADT Control mobile app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices, phones and computers.

If you get the right options, you can even make your home a smart home. Chambersburg home automation with ADT Control can connect to over 5000devices, from locks to lights to your thermostat. Now you can make your house work around your everyday life, which helps keep you safe and increases your energy efficiency.

Guarantee Your Alarm System Works As Designed With Expert Home Security Installation in Chambersburg

When you choose your Chambersburg home alarm system, a security specialist will schedule your installation time. Choose an appointment time around your schedule, and don’t spend your time wasting an entire day waiting. You can also set up a same-day or next day install appointment in many areas!

During your installation, professional installers will work fast to get your home’s security system up and running. The installers will go over the right placements for sensors and components. Before leaving your home, they’ll double-check that all of your equipment is set up correctly and is connecting to the closest ADT monitoring station. They’ll also show you how to turn your security system on and off and use your wall panel.

Chambersburg home security systems

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