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Improve Your Garage Door Security With a Hagerstown Garage Door Sensor

If you’re think like many Hagerstown residents, your garage door is among the most susceptible entryways in your house. Sometimes you might leave it up when racing out of the drive for work Or it may not shut entirely after you turn in at night in the evening. However, there’s no chance you will go to work with it open when you get a Hagerstown garage door sensor that’s part of your security system.

Your Hagerstown garage door sensor lets you:

● Inspect the status of your garage door on the ADT Control app

● Operate your garage door even when you’re not home

● Have notifications sent to your device when your garage door opens

● Automatically close and lock your door on a predetermined timetable

● Use with most brands of garage door openers

ADT Mobile Control App in Hagerstown

Operate Your Garage Door Through Your Mobile Device

When running around at the start of the day, you probably aren’t going to sit around to confirm the garage door is fully down before you pull away. By using a garage door sensor, you are able to inspect the door’s position when you get to work using the ADT Control mobile app. In the event that it is in fact still open, simply shut it with a single push of a button. If it’s a common habit, you can take advantage of the app features and direct your Hagerstown garage door sensor to bring the door back down a few minutes after it was activated.

Get Notification If Your Garage Door Activates

Know right away when your garage door is raised with a notification to your smartphone. You will see the minutes your children access the house via the garage when they get home. You might also want to contact and encourage your loved one to get dinner started after they park the car. In the event you don’t expect the garage door to open, you can rapidly look into the circumstances by reviewing the video feed from a home security camera.

ADT Security System Keyfob in Hagerstown

Make Your Hagerstown Garage Door Sensor A Trusted Aspect of Your Your Home Protection

A garage door sensor can be a critical aspect of your Hagerstown smart house. Your garage door can activate whenever a disaster like flooding or fire is discovered, creating an opening for your response team to enter with their gear and equipment. In the event your surveillance devices identify peculiar activity, your garage door sensor will engage to ensure that the widest opening into your property is closed and secure.

There’s also an option to let your garage door respond to voice commands through your AI assistant. Simply instruct your enabled device that you're on your way out, and have your garage door shut while your locks engage and the alarm system activates. Or say “goodnight” and have the house confirm all of your sensors and alarms are fully functional and activated.

Request Your Garage Door Sensor When You Install Your Hagerstown Home Security System

A garage door sensor is a smart accompaniment to your ADT security system. When you contact Secure24 Alarm Systems, our dedicated staff will work hard to create the deal plan for your security needs. Simply dial (301) 288-1501 or send in the form below to get started.